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I know I keep promising to post more but summer is here and I have been traveling and having tons of fun. I plan on having more fun in the sun with this leather bikini I purchased. Oh, I know I shouldnt really wear it out but I will anyway… I am just bad that way! I will be the hottest girl on the beach and who cares if I can’t swim. I may get a latex bikini too just to solve that issue.

Anyway, how about a few hot sexy asian chicks in leather and latex for your viewing pleasure. I have been on a total asian kick lately… I have been fooling around with this taiwanese chick and so been all into it. Yes, btw… I am bi:-) but I think most of you already knew that.

Enjoy the pics.

PS: by the way… check out Asian Phone Sex if you are looking to explore some asian fantasies in leather.

Soooo as a fan of leather and latex I am sure you know that I am a huge fan of superheroes. So I was going through some of my hot female superhero collection and remembered this oldie but goodie. Batgirl! Alicia Silverstone young and hot. I also have some other hot latex pictures of her. While I may not totally agree with her views on leather, I will admit that she can rock latex and pleather, while not my favorite, never looked better than when on her body.

Also… a few weeks ago I blogged about this hot dominatrix I found named Domina Cinara… anyway, I was back on her blog and I found this hot audio she recorded. Yes, I know I am a chick and its a cock stroking audio but I still thought it was so hot! And yes, for those of you who don’t already know, I am very bi. Duh lol thats why I keep posting pics of hot girls in leather. So anyway check out this guided masturbation audio and you can hear for yourself how sexy she sounds. Not to mention more pics of her!

Enjoy the pics!

Sooo….. I have been so worked up over the latex lately that I decided to create a poll to see which you guys like more, leather or latex? I found these really hot latex pictures on this femdom site – Dominatrix Phone Sex I think she is totally hot in those latex pics. I asked her to send me some leather photos if she has any and she told me she will. I can hardly wait!

I have also been looking at these super hot Janet Jackson dominatrix pictures I think everyone forgot about. I know she has tons of leather shots too and believe me… I will post some of those soon but I decided to share some of the so sexy woman in latex that is, the gorgeous, Janet Jackson!

I hope you all enjoy the pics I posted today and vote in my poll and let me know what you think!

After looking at those dominatrix pictures of Angelina the other day I started thinking about latex. So of course, I have to go to my latex picture collection and I found this really hot one of Paris Hilton. She doesnt quite carry the dominatrix goddess look that Angelina has but she certainly looks hot! I guess Angelina can be my leather dominatrix and Paris can be my latex dominatrix. I love the curve of her back and ass in that dress! I mean its just so perfect. Paris always has great taste in clothing and this latex outfit is no different. I have some great leather pictures of Paris I will post here as well eventually. While latex dominatrix clothing is sexy, my first love is and always will be leather mmm. I think I might wear a leather dress tonight and go out bar hopping… now that this post and looking at my pictures got me all worked up.

Paris Hilton Wearing A Latex Dress

Paris Hilton Wearing A Latex Dress

Till next time…

So… I was just watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith and just about lost my mind when I saw Angelina in leather. She looked like a tall dominatrix goddess! Believe me, I would love to worship her in that outfit! I also have some pictures of her in this stunning Michael Kors leather dress. Now, the dominatrix pictures from the movie at first looked a bit like latex (which I also adore) but looking at the way it fit her and based on what I read online its definitely leather which makes it all the more alluring! I am going to post a few different pictures both of the leather dress and the outfit from the movie. I think dominatrix clothing is so sexy in general!


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