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I know I havent posted in a while, I have just been so busy. I know I know I keep promising to post more. I have a ton of pics I plan on sharing soon but tonight I was watching Dancing with the Stars and as soon as I saw Brooke Burke in that hot leather corset I knew I was in love. I am not even done watching the show yet and I had to upload some pictures of her in this corset to share with the rest of you. I think I have some other Brooke Burke leather pictures too but this corset was just so incredible I can’t even focus on the dancing, I just want to see more of her!!!

Although Nicole is super hot too. I think I may have to hunt down some leather pics of her too soon.

Enjoy the pics!


Work had me take an unexpected trip to Italy and the internet connection at the hotel was just terrible. Hit or miss! Now I am back. Of course being in Italy I saw enough leather to last a lifetime!

I saw this shop that sold corsets and they had these incredible leather corsets and it immediately reminded me of this Christina Aguilera pic I had in a similar leather corset.


To all my leather fetish fans I will be posting more regularly soon, I promise.

I have been watching the olympics this past week just waiting for someone to come out in some super hot leather costume… well the skating anyway. Nothing so far. The most entertaining outfits have come from Johnny Weir who has been dressing to kill. I love him! He is so entertaining and such a character. I think he would make a super hot girl. He could claim to be Megan Fox’s cousin or something. With that dark hair and those gorgeous blue eyes. Of course fashion sense… well thats a different story. I was hoping maybe we could see Tanith Belbin or maybe Lindsey Vonn or Julia Mancuso on the slopes in a hot leather bikini but no such luck for me. Did you hear that Julia Mancuso is starting her own lingerie line called kiss my tiara? I think that name is so cute and so me that I would just have to buy something. She is pretty hot in her lingerie poses too. I don’t know if she is bi but I am and would totally love to have lesbian sex with her. I mean if I could wrap her up in leather or latex and just go to town… omg I think I am gonna think about that tonight when I masturbate lol.

Anyway… so since I couldnt find any hot olympic athletes parading around in leather (ice skates don’t really count) I decided to stay with the athlete theme and share some Danica Patrick pics. She is always hot for sexy leather shots. She has those killer legs, that super hot bod and mmmm definitely another girl whose body I would love to tackle… I think she might be more of the dominatrix type and might teach me a thing or two. Thats okay, I like it hard and rough!

I just purchased these boots today

I have been eyeing them for a while now and they are soooooo hot. I just can’t stand it!
There is something so special about leather boots. The way they smell… they way they feel hugging your leg
or the way they just look. I mean total perfection. Living in NYC I see people wearing leather every day without even realizing the subconscious effect that it has on them or why they picked the leather. I mean shoes, coats, gloves etc. Its all over our bodies and while most people pretend not to notice, they really can’t resist the power of leather. That’s why its so popular. People are subconciously drawn to the beauty and sensuality. Everyone from your average joe/jane to famous celebrities… motorcyclists… dominatrixes… they are all just crazy over it. Mmmm… I am gonna go dream about my boots until they arrive and you can admire this hot picture I found of this female rider covered in leather.

I heard on the news today that some Chinese woman is getting surgery to look like Jessica Alba! OMG how crazy is that. I guess the story is she wants to get her boyfriend back and she somehow thinks that looking like some celebrity he has a crush on will do that? I don’t know… I think its super creepy! But… it did get me to look at my sexy Jessica Alba pictures. What more could I want than to see hot Jessica Alba in leather and I mean the real Jessica Alba, not the creepy Chinese chick. Check this beauty out!

Jessica Alba in Leather

mmmm after seeing how sexy Jessica looks in these leather pants I might want to consider surgery to look like her too. Well, I guess you have to admit the Chinese chick has good taste… well, her boyfriend does anyway. I mean who wouldnt want to go to bed looking at that gorgeous face and perfect body every night.

Enjoy the pic!

So… I was just watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith and just about lost my mind when I saw Angelina in leather. She looked like a tall dominatrix goddess! Believe me, I would love to worship her in that outfit! I also have some pictures of her in this stunning Michael Kors leather dress. Now, the dominatrix pictures from the movie at first looked a bit like latex (which I also adore) but looking at the way it fit her and based on what I read online its definitely leather which makes it all the more alluring! I am going to post a few different pictures both of the leather dress and the outfit from the movie. I think dominatrix clothing is so sexy in general!

Giuseppe Zanotti Boots

The sexy Giuseppe Zanotti boots I got

Soo… over the weekend I got a new pair of leather boots. They are, without a doubt, one of the finest boots and craftsmanship I have seen in my entire life. These arent my first pair Giuseppe Zanotti boots but for the moment they are totally my favorite. I wore them to a party yesterday and everyone was telling me I looked just like Lady Gaga. Now I don’t think I look anything like Lady Gaga… well I suppose we are both blondes and my body is a bit like hers but our faces and hair and stuff is nothing alike. Anyway… here are the boots!

You can get these boots at if you love them as much as I do. I know they are kinda pricy but oh soooo worth it. It feels like a leather glove on your leg.

Can you see Lady Gaga in these? I don’t know but I would love to see it. If you think these are boots Lady Gaga would wear leave a comment!

Lady Gaga in Boots

Lady Gaga in Leather Boots

When talking about leather, one of the first celebrities that comes to mine… well at least my dirty twisted mind is Shakira. Her body is curvy and sexy and I wish mine could look that hot, though I admit mine isnt that bad either. I would totally be all over her in her leather pants if I could! Check out this awesome pic. I have tons of leather pics of Shakira and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Shakira in Leather Pants

Shakira in Leather Pants

Hi everyone, my name is Miranda and I have a huge leather obsession. I am 25 years old and I have loved leather all my life. Something about feeling leather on my skin just sends chills down my spine. I probably wear at least some leather every day. Like today I wore leather pants, I am almost always wearing leather boots. Usually they are sexy thigh high leather boots but sometimes they are knee high or booties or even leather shoes. I really love strappy leather sandals too and gloves OMG!!!! leather gloves are so hot!!! I live in NYC so leather is always in style and it gets cold enough here to need to wear gloves in the winter.

Anyway, I started this blog because I wanted to share my obsession with the world and to share hot pics I find or even take of hot women in leather.

Here is a pic… one my favorites of Dita Von Teese. She is sooo sexy and I think leather only makes her look hotter. Seriously, can anyone tell me she doesnt look amazing in this pic? She looks so confident and dominant mmmm.

Dita Von Teese in Leather

Dita Von Teese in Leather

I would love to hear your thoughts and who you think looks super hot in leather.